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On January 15th, Father Stan Swamy completed 100 days of incarceration in Taloja prison in Mumbai. This is his message from the prison.

“First of all, I deeply appreciate the overwhelming solidarity expressed by many during these past 100 days behind the bars. At times, news of such solidarity has given me immense strength and courage especially when the only thing certain in prison is uncertainty. Life here is on a day-to-day basis. Another strength during these past hundred days, has been in observing the plight of the undertrials. A majority of them come from economically & socially weaker communities. Many of such poor undertrials don’t know what charges have been put on them, have not seen their charge sheet and just remain in prison for years without any legal or other assistance. Overall, almost all undertrials are compelled to live to a bare minimum, whether rich or poor. This brings in a sense of brotherhood & communitarianism where reaching out to each other is possible even in this adversity. On the other hand, we sixteen coaccused have not been able to meet each other, as we are lodged in different jails or different ‘circles’ within the same jail. But we will still sing in chorus. A caged bird can still sing.”  Fr. Stan Swamy 

Listen to Fr. General’s message on the 100th day of imprisonment of Fr. Stan.


The Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific has made available a website where you can follow updates on all the national and international activities and news reports. In this website you can also sign a petition to release Fr. Stan from prison. https://standwithstan.jcsaweb.org/