On May 17th our school, Jesuit Educational Center in Nowy Sacz, took part in the open day of the Institute of Foreign Languages, a part of the State Higher Vocational School in Nowy Sacz. The students of Spanish, English and German philology prepared various lectures, workshops and quizzes, some of which even granted attractive prizes. There were Spanish delicacies waiting for us accompanied by the students dressed in traditional Spanish dancewear (sevillana dresses). Additionally, the students prepared lots of thrilling competitions, tricky crossword puzzles, some board games and interesting facts about their beloved countries.

We were also able to participate in English pronunciation classes, at which the lecturer explained ins and outs of various accents encountered in the English language. An interesting accent was the translation classes concerning one of secondary school set books „Lalka” by Bolesław Prus. It was translated from Polish into English and everyone found it extremely entertaining. For those interested in Turkey, a few inspiring lectures were provided. Turkish students participating in the Erasmus programme did their best to make students involved as they used background music in the form of Turkish songs. What is more, we had the opportunity to play traditional Turkish games with them.

A couple of weeks earlier, we celebrated the Day of Foreign Languages ​​at our school. Our students had been preparing for it for a long time. Most of the students were dressed up in clothes representing the flags of the countries presented at the event. Some of them were wearing regional costumes. Everyone could taste selected  local delicacies prepared by students themselves. Tortillas, cupcakes, nachos, baguettes, cakes and many other mouth-watering food samples were at your fingertips. The students delivered presentations on German, French, Spanish and English speaking countries. There were many competitions, which enabled the most successful participants to taste a delicious pizza. Finally, various bands and accessories were given away during the festivity.

Lots of hand-made posters together with the unique multi-cultural atmosphere brought us closer to the culture and customs of the above mentioned countries.

Olivia Nowak – grade 11

JCE open day

On May 12th, after three years of break caused by the pandemic, the Jesuit Center of Education in Nowy Sacz held an open day. To promote this event we made a social media campaign as well as printed leaflets and posters that could be seen in many primary schools in the city. Apart from that, great number of JCE students voluntarily engaged in preparations mainly by carrying out activities, experiments and making presentations for our guests.

Many days of promotion and preparations to host our future students have resulted in over a hundred of young people interested in visiting our school. They could see many things that are very unique compared to other schools in our region. What makes our school stand out in a crowd is a Jesuit tradition and understanding students’ needs.

As for the day of the event, our students were divided into a couple of groups, whose task was to guide potential candidates around the school and tell them about our community and teaching style. Depending on our guests’ interests we had different ways of guiding around the school.

Our school offers three class profiles:

1.     Social – psychological – for humanists who want to understand the world and help people,

2.     Mathematical – engineering – for talented young scientists interested in STEM who want to change the world with use of new technologies,

3.     Biological – chemical – for people who want to save lives and develop medical science.

During the math class we solved various equations and talked about some interesting curiosities, whereas in language classes we presented our international projects and opportunities to explore the world as a student of JCE. In order to encourage potential students of the humanities class we made a drama movie and displayed it during the open day. Last but not least, the science classes involved conducting experiments and explaining them – we showed chemical reactions, organisms under microscopes and physics phenomena.

Many talented students came to visit our school and we are sure that freshman classes next year will be skillful and hardworking. Our guests were fond of the school very much and pointed out a student-friendly atmosphere, a high level of teaching and modern infrastructure supporting the development of our pupils.

Jakub Respekta – grade 12