“WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE?” – A LENTEN INITIATIVE FOR SCHOOLS. Invite your students to reflect on their relationship with God, with their neighbor, and with the Earth.

Schools all over the world were invited to celebrate the feast of St. Francis Xavier this year in a special and meaningful way.  

Students were invited to take a creative and “out-of-the-box” photo of themselves and/or their friends in front of the Jesuit Schools Map to convey a message of hope, zeal, sustainability, diversity and belonging to a global community.

The global project initiated by the Asia Pacific Jesuit Education Secretariat (JCAP) took off and ran during the months of October and November 2016 on Instagram with the hashtag #SFX2016.

Now at the beginning of December we are delighted to announce the winners!

A big thank you goes to the international panel of judges who awarded the winning schools with a special “Magis Certificate”.

  • Fr. José Mesa SJ, Education Secretary for the International Commission on the Apostolate of Jesuit Education (ICAJE)
  • Fr. Mark Raper SJ, President of the Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific (JCAP)
  • Fr. Hugo Alexis Moreno SJ, President of FLACSI in Latin America
  • Fr. Bill Muller SJ, Executive Director of the Jesuit Schools Network of North America (JSN)
  • Ms. Marie Thérèse Michel, Director of JECSE in Europe
  • Fr. Sunny Jacob SJ, JEA Secretary in South Asia
  • Mr. Éamonn McGuinness, the Community Director of Educate Magis 

The 2016 SXF Instagram Competition Winners are:

Asia Pacific (JCAP) – St. Ignatius’ College Riverview, Sydney, Australia


“Companions together working wonders for a better world” #sfx2016  #sfxjcap2016

Latin America (FLACSI) – Instituto Madre de la Misericordia, Posadas, Argentina

Instagram 2016-11-15 14

“Ay de mí si no predico el Evangelio (San Francsico Javier) llegando a todos los continentes junto a la Red Mundial de Escuelas Jesuitas; Woe to me if I do not preach the Gospel (St. Francis Xavier) reaching all the continents together with the Global Network of Jesuit Schools” #sfx2016 #sfxlatinamerica2016

North America (JSN) – De Smet Jesuit High School, St. Louis, USA

De Smet Jesuit High School, St Louis, United States (3)

“Jesuit students setting hearts on fire across the globe!” #sfx2016 #sfxnorthamerica2016

Europe (JECSE) –  Kollegium Kalksburg, Vienna, Austria


“Mit Franz Xavier einen offenen Blick in die weite Welt wagen; Step forward and discover the whole world from Francis Xavier’s perspective of life” #sfx2016 #sfxeurope2016

South Asia  (JEA) – St. Lawrence High School (Secondary Section), Kolkata, India

St Lawrence HS 8A

“Faith is the light that we see in our heart when our eyes see darkness” #sfx2016 #sfxsouthasia2016

Thanks to all the education secretaries and school administrators for supporting this project. 

Congratulations to all the winners, and to all who participated and sent in their entries! Thank you for joining this first-ever regional and international celebration of the Feast of St. Francis Xavier! A special thanks to Fr. Johnny Go SJ, Secretary for Education in Asia Pacific (JCAP) for this wonderful initiative!