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540Our student body has grown from just 80 freshmen when we first opened our doors in 2009 to 540 students in August of 2016 – the largest student body in Cristo Rey Jesuit history! 

318Beginning with our inaugural class of 2013, Cristo Rey Jesuit has graduated 318 young men and women – 100% of whom have been accepted into colleges and universities across the country. Samina, in the picture (right) in her Stanford headband, is currently in her sophomore year at Stanford University. 

160Cristo Rey Jesuit students earn roughly half of the cost of their own education by working at one of our 160 Corporate Work-Study Program partner companies! From law firms, to hospitals, to energy companies, our students do it all – they ARE Houston’s future at work!

43We’re one big happy family! This year, 43 different families have at least two siblings currently enrolled at Cristo Rey Jesuit. Freshman Yareth, sophomore Jorge, and senior Yarelly pictured (right), even have an older sister who graduated from Cristo Rey Jesuit last year and is currently attending the University of Texas!

100Each and every Cristo Rey Jesuit student is on scholarship, every day, for all four years. The gift of education fits every size, every age and has no price limit!

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