Fr. Roy M. Thottam, SJ, Jesuit in Kerala Province, in India, shares 12 of his beautiful paintings and reflections, with teachers in our global community, as a set of resources for Faith Formation. We will be posting them as a series of articles every Friday! Here is painting and reflection number 6.

To read an introduction shared by Fr. Roy on his work, and also see the paintings and reflections that have been shared so far, please follow this link 12 Reflections on Paintings for Faith Formation

We hope you enjoy using these extraordinary and unique resources in your Faith Formation programs with other educators and / or with your students in your classrooms.

12 Reflections on Paintings for Faith Formation – Painting #6 “Sinner yet called to be His friend”, and Reflection #6 “Sinner yet called to be a Friend of Him”.


Sinner yet called to be a Friend of Him

The fire of repentance purified me

The tears washed my sins away.

I realize that how I am weak and fragile,

And do the opposite of what I want to do.

I get into the cocoon of interior silence,

In order to get out of myself, to be transformed,

and thrown out  into the soil of Karma,

to grow into be a new being, bearing much fruits.

A sinner I am, yet called to be His friend,

To follow him to every corners of the world,

to tread towards a new dawn.