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Digital Catalog The Global Red Chair Experience – Escola Profissional do INA – Portugal

The OFICINA – INA Professional School’s collaboration with La Silla Roja began with simple support in 2016/2017 and was cemented with the participation of La Silla Roja in the 7th edition of the bgreen // ecological film festival. At that time, and after some conversations, the hypothesis of a delegation of Entreculturas to participate in […]

Samuel Afonso, sj May 1, 2018

Education Enables…

Increasing access to education, theoretically, could improve general health, the economy and even the ecosystem of a country. And if we imagine these actions multiplied in other countries of the world, we would have as a result a better, more human world, and, in general, we would see positive changes for all of humanity. Although […]

Karina Zapata-Roche March 21, 2018

Thailand: Education Promotes Resilience

Imagine the sound of children playing and shouting in a school playground; the bell ringing when class is about to begin. For many asylum seekers and refugees in Bangkok, it has been a long time since they have heard these sounds. Some have never heard them. In urban areas like Bangkok, access to education is […]

JRS March 12, 2018

Sara’s Story

Sara is an 8-year old girl who lived in a small city. The night before, she had gone to sleep late, so when she heard her father had woken up the next morning, she opened her eyes and thought: – “I’m so tired! Oh boy, they’ll come to wake me soon to go to school […]

Karina Zapata-Roche March 7, 2018

Education for All Video Challenge

Calling all Jesuit and Ignatian schools from around the world to take part in the Education for All Video Challenge! Imagine a world where everyone has an education… – What would the outcomes be? – What would this world look like? The Education for All Video Challenge aims to bring these scenarios to life. Participate […]

Karina Zapata-Roche February 23, 2018

Education, a catalyst for changing gender inequalities

Gender-based discrimination remains one of the most persistent obstacles in the way of the right to education. If it is not overcome, Education for All cannot be achieved. Girls make up the majority of children and young people who do not attend school, although boys are disadvantaged in a growing number of countries.” Dakar Framework […]

Ana Vázquez Ponzone January 24, 2018

Fostering Child-Friendly School Environment & Infrastructure for Quality Education

The lack of appropriate school infrastructure is one of the contributing factors which results in the shocking statistic that there are 264 million children around the world who do not have access to education. The lack of suitable education facilities and learning environments is limiting the access and the quality of education which children receive, […]

Karina Zapata-Roche November 22, 2017

How has Education Sparked a Change in Your Life?

How has education sparked a change in your life?  What can we do to help promote quality education for those living in vulnerable and marginalized communities? These are some of the questions the Friends of Fe y Alegría in the U.S. team posed to students at Georgetown Preparatory School and through a breakout session and booth at the […]

Erika Meyer November 14, 2017
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